Neighborhoods and Cultural Districts in Central Indiana

Buying a home includes much more than just shopping for four walls and a small surrounding patch of land. The neighborhood you choose will affect many aspects of your everyday life. You want to find out where your kids will play and go to school. Find safe and attractive routes to walk, bike, or jog. Locate neighborhood cafes, shops, and other businesses that you’ll visit regularly. Learn about unique festivals and events that celebrate different aspects of Indiana life. That’s where Honor Realty’s Neighborhood Spotlight comes in. 

Here you’ll find short descriptions of some of Indy’s most popular neighborhoods and districts, as well as glimpses into some of the nearby towns in surrounding counties. The descriptions should help you narrow down regions that are best for your lifestyle. Then, you may decide to walk through the area, and chat with residents to really see if life there fits your needs.

And when you have questions about Indianapolis life in general, we can help you there, too. If you’re from out of town, we’d like to introduce you to some of the things that people love about living in this part of the world.  And maybe a few of the unusual aspects of Indianapolis life you may not know about.