Cottage home Neighborhood

The Cottage Home area is a tight-knit neighborhood just east of downtown that is renowned in Indianapolis for its strong sense of community and inclusion. The area got its name from the smaller and more modest houses that were built here between 1870 and 1900, but the last few years have seen huge expansion in both residential and commercial construction. Despite its rapid growth, area residents still pride themselves on its community spaces that are open to all, including play areas, a fire pit, garden plots and a beehive.

The Cottage Home vibe can best be experienced by attending its family-friendly block party held each year in mid-October. The festival has been held for over 35 years, and attracts several thousand people annually who enjoy its live vibrant live music, food, booths, and fun. The multi-block festival is easygoing and inclusive, and you’ll feel welcome whether you are a long-time resident, a recent homeowner, or are just dropping by to join in the fun.  

One of the newer hubs in the Cottage Home Neighborhood attracting buyers to the area is the Circle City Industrial Complex along 10th St. at Brookside. The complex includes Centerpoint Brewery, art galleries, shops and eateries, and is home to a winter farmers market and the Indy Urban Flea Market. 

Just a short walk from the area is Massachusetts Avenue, a trendy and vibrant area that has long attracted young professionals with unique restaurants, bars, theaters, and locally owned shops. Growth in that area also shows no signs of slowing, with the future development of a huge housing and commercial development that will re-purpose a 1930s era Coca Cola plant, a gem of Art Deco design.  

If you’re ready to get moving and explore other areas of the city, the Monon Trail and Indianapolis Cultural Trail bike and walking paths are nearby.

Find out if this is the right neighborhood for you by taking virtual tours of the area at the Cottage Home Neighborhood Association website.