Carmel is located just to the north of Indianapolis, over the county line into Hamilton County. To avoid revealing yourself as an outsider, the first thing you’ll need to learn about this area is how to pronounce it – it’s not Car-MELL, as in the California city by the sea, but CAR-mull, like the candy.

Carmel was recently named at #1 place in the US to live by 24/7 Wall Street and USA Today, and has ranked highly on similar lists by Forbes, Money Magazine, and the American City Business Journal. Carmel boasts safe neighborhoods, relatively low taxes, a school system is consistently ranked as one of the best in the state, and residents with a higher percentage of college degrees than the national average.

Carmel also has 12 parks for a variety of interests, including Cool Creek Park Nature Center, the Water Park at the Monon Community Center, Coxhall Gardens (with bike trails, an outdoor music pavilion, and a fishing lake), and the peaceful Kawachinagano Japanese Garden. There are world-class cultural events at the Palladium Concert Hall at the Center for Performing Arts, and a number of local festivals throughout the year. 

In addition to many of the most popular chain stores and restaurants, Carmel has a number of locally owned shops and restaurants in the Carmel Arts & Design District shops in the downtown area, upscale Clay Terrace shopping center, and the Fashion Mall at Keystone just over the county line into Indianapolis.  

One aspect of living in Carmel might initially have you thrown for a loop – the city is home to over 100 roundabouts, the most in the U. S.  Roundabouts are circular intersections that have no stoplights or stop signs to allow better flow of traffic. Many prefer the efficiency of these roundabouts as soon as they get the hang of them, and the concept seems to be spreading other nearby areas around Indianapolis as well.     

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